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BiTool 2.0 Lit - A Universal Multi-Tool, Even Better

About this project

Introducing BiTool 2.0 Lit - A Universal Multi-Tool, Even Better
In 2015, we introduced BiTool: Best Integrated Tool to ease your daily life. Here we back again with a more innovative design. Smart magnetic tool organizer with LED flashlight that transforms your life easier, faster, and more convenient.
Redefined EDC toolkit will be the perfect gear for you to go everywhere.Thus, the BiTool 2.0 Lit debuts.


30 seconds of your time could make a big difference in growing the BiTool 2.0 Lit community. Hit one of the buttons below and tag a friend or co-worker who just needs it!

The Worlds best DAILY MULTI-TOOL KIT: 6 features packed in 1 bar. BiTool 2.0 improves your DIY works, don't need to carry a messy toolbox. Moreover, Lit allows you to carry your keys and other gear even better.
 From today, No more awkward situations!

The CYCOP BiTool 2.0 transcends in overcoming these frustrations and problems.
  • Think about getting rid of your messy workshop and taking the exact tool from a bunch of screwdrivers and wrenches inside of your toolbox. 
  • Think about saving from a costly price to hire a worker for home appliance repair. 
  • Think about during working at home. Wanting to tight & loose screws with ease. 
  • Getting tired of screws slipping away from your hands and scatter all over the room? Annoyed at stepping on these screws accidentally without noticing them and do want a safer working environment? 
  • Being fed up with bringing your heavy toolbox everywhere and want a compact tool that includes most tools you would use. 
  • Want to have a good helper while assembling your furniture and make sure all parts are well-fixed all the time? 
  • If you have always brought a mini tool while cycling, think about adjusting screw on your bike under a blazing sunshine and always need a lot of turns until every screw is tightened. 
 No more Big mess, Only BiTool.
Inventing a good gadget was our goal - How can we make BiTool better? Multi-tool, More compact in appearance, More function, Stronger magnet. Lighter, and the most important thing, ALL IN ONE.

  •  All In One, One For All  
  • Rapid, Smart, and Magnetic Mechanism 
  • Amazing Usability. Rigid Ratchet Driver 
  • Compact Flashlight Combines with Magnetic Base 
  • Easy to Carry with 10 Powerful Bits
  • A Simple and Fun Gadget 
What we tried is to make BiTool even better and solve all the issues that the original BiTool encountered.
The compact & magnetic design makes it smarter than rest of the tools in the world. BiTool 2.0 Lit can be attached to almost everything. From your keys, jacket, daily bag to any kinds of traveling stuff. It will be suitable for any indoor or outdoor activity.
Be Neat...Take out your tool bits in a second. All BiTool bits are with clear marking on side of the body to help you to choose easily and promptly. 
It's easier to organize all the 10 bits with the silicon part with power magnet embedded. The magnet is able to help you to arrange all bits in order. Furthermore, this also allows you take each bit you want instantly. 
Choose the specific bit immediately without messing up others!
BiTool 2.0 will feature in a mixture of magnetic function from the previous generation, 5 Bits Compact BiTool and 10 Bits Combo BiTool. There is more space for screws to be attached to the side and the bottom of BiTool 2.0, delivering better usability. 
 No matter how many task to get fixed, you can enjoy the best operation even under the tough conditions.
Never be awkward again that the screws scatter on the ground accidentally, you can collect them up in a second. We designed two sides of the barrel with powerful neodymium magnets, so that everyone can use the tool in a delight mood.
Everyone should have experienced that when tightening a screw and the others slipped away from your hands. When you need to fasten over one screw, you can simply attach the others on BiTool’s body to prevent them from scattering on the ground.
Shake shake shake...shake your head! BiTool not only like a screwdriver but also a ratchet wrench.
For unlimited working angles, BiTool 2.0 keeps featuring the quick 180-degree rotatable ratchet head that could easily change the direction of operation, adapting to operate in any kind of working environment even inside of a space. 
The rigid ratchet of BiTool 2.0 will not be broken even under the most vigorous conditions. This feature will make BiTool more flexible in usage to adapt to any kind of working environment. BiTool is created to help to operate in no dead ends.
With ratchet head, you can tighten and loose screws more easily than conventional screwdrivers. 
BiTool 2.0 will be your top 1 fancy gadget. 
BiTool 2.0 & Lit is not just functional, beautiful and compact, but also including many new designs. The new additional accessory - Lit, the most resistant EDC everyday carry LED flashlight. 
An LED light is ideal for everyday use over a long period of time. Never worry about breaking the light, since no filament is used, or need to replace it since LEDs can last a lifetime. These batteries also last much longer with LED light, saving both your time and money over the long haul.
One of the main features we created, the "2-Level Press Switch." We tried to keep the least design without unnecessary exterior buttons to keep it slick. And with the concave button design, it won't ever turned on unintentionally.
  • Press to turn on the Dim Light, and press twice to turn it off
  • Pressing 2 seconds to turn on the Bright Light mode
  • 2-level brightness ( Dim Light / Bright Light )
The uber-mini design makes it perfect to carry every day. Lit can be attached to the metal surface, providing you better usability in a darker place and suitable for any indoor or outdoor situation.
We believe that your everyday carry essentials are a reflection of you and your lifestyle. 
The BiTool 2.0 Lit's versatile design makes them perfect for everyone to ease lock and unlock every equipment, carry it everyday lightly. With a minimalist, stylish design, you can put it in your pocket, bag, desk, or attach it to the door, metal lamp, etc. 
The various mixture of color options will greatly fit both men and women to carry it everyday, or just stand it on the desk to be a elegant decoration. Matching the various color of BiTool 2.0 Lit to create your personality.
 Carry it out with your keys. Fit your pocket perfectly.

BiTool 2.0 Lit: An ultimate portable multi-tool bar. An unusually addictive, high-quality gadget plus fidget toy is designed to help you relax. Play BiTool 2.0 and Lit at work, in class, and at home in your style. Let's Show More Fun!
  • Spin - Like other fidget, just spinning.
  • Click - Enjoy the click sound and the repeated motion.
  • Move - Moving your second Lit like a magician.
Take a break to let us stress melt away and relax with BiTool 2.0 Lit. For everyone who likes to play some unique toys.

Inthe 2nd generation of BiTool, we focus on one simple rule: adapting to anyone, any handwork, indoor/ outdoor need, adventure and daily use. We observe the indispensable needs and integrate technical features with a simple and functional design.
That's why BiTool 2.0 Lit is great for everyone.
 That's the reason why BiTool 2.0 Lit are great for everyone.
  • Skateboarders/ Bikers -  The BiTool 2.0's minimalist style allows people to go out light and fix their gear immediately. 
  •  Engineer/ Housekeeper - saving from a costly price to hire a worker for home appliance repair.
  • Everyone - With a minimalist, stylish design, the Lit can be carried in the pocket, bag, or with keys.
  • Outdoor People - Don't need to carry a heavy toolbox everywhere, just a compact tool that includes most of tools you would need.
  •  Night return - The Lit can be carried in pocket, bag, or with keys, to light up your place immediately.

Our first design attracted lots of people join us, but we intend to make it better. That's why we came up with an even smarter design, adding a silicon holder with a magnet embedded for our tiny tool bits to increase more precision on positioning. We also added the delicate fine threading to ease latch and avoid unlatch unintentionally. 
And that didn't make us stop. We've kept going and design another special portable item, the beautiful LED flashlight to provide everyone better operation on a various universal operational situation.
This is our 2nd generation of BiTool - The BiTool 2.0 Lit.
Swap Colors. Mix and match BiTool 2.0 Lit to create your favorite color combo. You name it and we'll make it for you. 
  • Special Series - Meteor Black/Solar Red, Moon Sliver/Comet Blue
  • Simple. Shy Series - All Meteor Black, All Moon Sliver
  • Fashionable Series - Space Grey/Moon Sliver, Space Grey/Meteor Black
Colored Up. One BiTool 2.0 + one Lit or two Lits. We don't think you should own this awesome gadget alone; Invitie more friends and family to join you. The more of you joined,  the more color will be unlocked by hitting our following stretch goal.

Ultra Compact - Overall dimensions are a compact 142 MM (5.59") in length, with a diameter of 10.5 MM (0.41") and weight of 131 Grams (4.62 oz). This makes the BiTool 2.0 Lit a perfect fit for every day carry.

BiTool 2.0

  • Weight: 107 Grams (3.77 oz)
  • Width: 21 MM (0.83") / Length: 108 MM (4.25")
  • Materials: S2 Steel, Premium Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy (T6061), Silicon, Neodymium Magnets
  • Type of bits: Phillips Screw Bits PH1, PH2 / Star Bits T25 / Hexagon Bits HEX2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 / Slotted Bits SL5
  • Color Options (3) : Meteor Black, Moon Silver and Space Grey


  • Weight: 24 Grams (0.85 oz) 
  • Width: 24 MM (0.94") / Length: 34 MM (1.34")
  • Materials: Premium Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy (T6061), Neodymium Magnet 
  • Battery: LR41 Button Cell 
  • Operation: Push-to-on, 2-level brightness
  • Color Options (4) : Meteor Black, Moon Silver, Solar Red and Comet Blue
BiTool 2.0 Lit will be shipped worldwide. No matter where you from.


Hello. Everyone. We will make sure everything goes according to the plan to meet the promised deadline. We work with experienced supply chain professionals to ensure high quality product in a timely manner. Any update and we will let you know.

CYCOP is an urban lifestyle brand based out of San Jose, focusing on creating elegant city transportations, accessories & tools for urban dwellers. Our vision is to create the ultimate design, to inspire everybody by each moment and experience from our urban life, even travelling. We believe that great design will bring you a unique journey, no matter in urban life or country life, CYCOP collection will tell many unique stories for you.

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