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BondicEVO™ Liquid Plastic Welder

About this project

Our Bondic® journey started with Dr. Tom, a dentist in Germany. One day a patient asked if he could take some of the dental bonding material home and borrow a spare UV light to try something he was working on. When the patient came back and asked for a few gallons of the material Dr. Tom was stunned. “I mean that’s 10 dentists, 10 lifetimes worth of material; what on earth can he need so much of it for and if he needs it I wonder how many other people in the world can use something like this!” And that is the true origin of Bondic®.  
Turns out this person used it under a microscope to attach wires to a microchip. So that journey turned into a 3 year endeavor to create Bondic®, the world's first liquid plastic welder that works on almost anything- although it's not very good on teeth now just to let you know!  
Bondic® is a convenient, yet powerful tool that uses a unique liquid formula which, when exposed to a special UV light, is transformed into hard plastic in just 4 seconds. Bondic® was unveiled at the 2014 National Hardware Show in the USA. Here, we were very proud to take home the Retailers Choice Award for Most Innovative New Product and featured in the July Edition of the Hardware Retailing Magazine.  
Since then Bondic® has also been highlighted by publications like Gizmodo, Gear Diary, Ask Men, Werd, Tools In Action, BAUSVAULT, OH GIZMO, ENTweak, Extreme How-To Blog, Trend Hunter, Gizmag, Slash Gear & Gear Hungry and featured on The Shopping Channel with very positive reviews.. 

 All the plastic around you, probably something you're holding right now or resting on or looking at is made with plastic, and this “plastic stuff” is basically a polymer chain in more scientific terms. Polymers are made of monomers which naturally want to attract to become an organized “polymer chain” - what you and I call, plastic! What Dr. Tom did was separate that process from happening with a liquid. When you apply our specially created UV light, the liquid gets out of the way and basically allows the individual monomer compounds to instantly attract with one another, organizing to make hard plastic-polymer in seconds. The cool thing is that YOU control when that happens!

 Bondic® is NOT A GLUE  

If you are thinking that Bondic® is just another glue product...STOP. Bondic® is not a glue, and does not work like a glue. Glue already exists. We do not want to replace it. We just want to do what glue can't do and work where glue fails! You have to think of Bondic® as something that creates new material; kind of like a freestyle 3D printer that fits in your pocket! It of course has a bonding agent in it but – and this is important - if the UV light can’t reach the liquid, it can’t cure it. At the same time you can’t do this in direct sunlight either because the sun carries the whole spectrum of light including the one needed to cure Bondic®.

 We Do What Glues Can't Do

The next generation BondicEVO™ offers a faster curing time, a more convenient size & shape, and an easier application method.
  • Built in LED light. 
  • More LED power than the original Bondic® LED. 
  • Quick release cartridge system for easy refill replacements.
  • Ergonomic grip for convenient and steady applications. 

  • The added features only enhance the original product. Though the BondicEVO™ Pen is smaller and sleeker, it still possesses the same amazing capabilities as our original Bondic® Pen. This ranges from anything to bonding the arms of broken glasses back together to sealing holes in copper pipes. You can literally use it for all DIY projects such as filling holes, making new threading, bonding materials together for craft projects and repairing cords or wires that have frayed.
  •  Bonds, builds, fixes & fills almost ANY material (plastic, metal, glass, etc.). 
  • Cures in just a few seconds. 
  • Bondic® can be cured while underwater. 
  • Can be painted after cured. 
  • Bondic® never dries out in the tube and will ONLY turn into plastic once exposed to the UV light. 
  • Once cured, Bondic® can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 150°C.

 Imagine it. Apply it. Create it. The only limit is your imagination. Bondic® is a product that literally has limitless possibilities. Everyday the Bondic® team and our customers are finding new ways to use the product...you will be amazed at the thousands of uses. 

Repair Broken Tail Lights

 Rebuild Broken Key Fobs

 File & Shape To Any Size

 Insulate & Secure Wiring

 Create Custom Art

 Make New Threading

Has Immense Strength

 ...And Cures in Seconds!

 There are a few reasons. One is I needed to complete the process Dr. Tom and I started but couldn’t finish and with several bad copycats out there my thinking was to share the next Generation or the EVOlution with the maker community ASAP and get a running start. At the same time we are using Kickstarter to help understand what versions you like best. Your choices will tell us what combinations best fit with your needs and budget and in turn give us vital feedback for our retailers. What you pick now will most likely end up on the shelves first, if something is less popular it may not! Retailers are facing tough times and have little tolerance for products that don’t move. Picking a reward gives you a great deal of value and gives us a clear vote on what will work best in retail: BondicEVO™ Original Bondic® BondicPRO™ 
 We have several versions of Bondic® that we can take from prototypes into production quickly. But we want to be effective and choose the ones most in demand by you our fans and our community! Knowing this helps us streamline for mass production. 
From day one our Bondic® fluid has been made in the USA and we will continue this so that it's as safe and consistent as possible. As indicated in the video, we must be doing something right to attract so many knockoffs. It's no secret, like with anything, you can “cheap out” by using cheaper ingredients.
With the Evolution of Bondic® we are literally turning things on their head. Right now with the original Bondic®, as the tube gets used up and more empty you have to wait for the fluid to flow back to the tip because the LED is on the opposite end related to the tip. Not with BondicEVO™ because the tip is always facing forward or down to your project it's always ready to go. Now instead of flipping back and forth or using two hands you can do it faster (and be even less coordinated than before LOL) and use one hand to hold the LED while you hold the item with the other! We want your feedback on this new BondicEVO™ holder as we have options to tweak it some more!
One of my biggest beefs with supporting projects is waiting time and risk. We have eliminated this with the BondicEVO™ and BondicPRO™ lines. We have already created the hi-resolution 3D printed molds for testing and this version offered here represents a small run production tool. With your help we will be taking your feedback and applying it to the high output multi cavity injection molds. Bottom line is that in a short time you will get the first production run of the BondicEVO™ and for super fans access to the BondicPRO™ line before anyone else! So many people who love Bondic® have expressed the need for something bigger, bolder, something massive, something professional, well here is it and this is your chance!
The goal here is to determine if what we hear from you translates into a line extension. The rewards you choose tell us and our customers what the market wants. Bondic® is one of those rare, super-cool maker products yet still today I demo it to stranger after stranger and they are amazed after seeing it for the first time. We want an army of makers using Bondic® spreading the word. And if that means fixing your friends S#*% in a few seconds because you're so annoyed having to look at it for all this time all the better! 
Secondly we know there are super users out there and this is what we came up with to offer. Massive BondicPRO™ UV LED versions, for large areas, for bigger deeper thicker applications for precision and speed that a professional and super users expect! We want to know if we listened closely enough and if we are on the right track. Your choices will speak loud and clear! 
We know that you Kickstarters love cool innovations and that you appreciate the opportunity to get your hands on the freshest innovations on the planet before anyone else even sees or hears about them. 
We know you have supported thousands of great new companies, concepts, ideas and start-ups, and we hope our innovation not only falls within those parameters but exceeds your expectations and we are setup to not disappoint you! 
Through Bondic®, Dr. Tom invented an entire new category. It's been an exciting journey so far as we try to update and change peoples perceptions, basically “unlearning the habit of glue” and how it's used. 
While Dr. Tom always knew Bondic® had the potential of everyone using it at least once, I don’t think we ever expected so many attempted knock offs. In the end there can only ever be one “World's First Liquid Plastic Welder” but now we are proud to once again reach out to our favorite community and offer the Evolution of Bondic® here on Kickstarter. 
Thank you,  
The Bondic® Team!

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