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Beeline Moto | smart navigation for motorcycles, made simple


In 2015 we launched our first product on Kickstarter, a stripped back navigation device for bicycles. People loved it and we went on to be one of the big success stories of Kickstarter. But we quickly realised it wasn’t only cyclists who needed a better solution for navigation. After nearly three years of developing and refining our technology, we’re incredibly excited to be back on Kickstarter, this time to improve motorcycle navigation. Beeline Moto.

Motorcycling is the ultimate expression of freedom and adventure. Feeling the rush of the wind and the road beneath you is an exhilarating experience for all who get the chance to ride. However, navigating your way through the mountains or a busy city on a motorbike is not so fun. 
Phones work well for walking, not so much for riding. Stopping to check your phone is a frustrating reality, while vulnerability and battery life means they're just not built to be mounted on handlebars. 
Satnavs are over complicated. Map downloads, PC connections to set up routes, detailed screens and complex instructions that take your focus off the road. Not to mention eye watering prices and dated product design. 
Paper maps are a lovely nod to the past...but it’s 2018.

Beeline Moto is the antidote to navigation frustration. Everything about it has been built with elegant simplicity in mind. From the clean navigation interface and fast setup with your smartphone, through to the super long battery life and the award winning rugged design, we’ve put your needs first throughout.

Beeline Moto’s interface guides you in the clearest manner possible with one big arrow pointing in the direction you need to be heading right now. Simple! No complex instructions, no detailed maps. It’s stripped back to the essential information you need in the moment, leaving you to focus on what’s important - the road or trail ahead of you.

Whether that’s guiding you precisely along a set route along the coast, or from point to point off the beaten track, it’s wonderfully intuitive. You don’t navigate, you flow.

The Beeline app (iOS & Android) makes planning routes a breeze: quick location search; save favourite places; drag and drop pins to create your perfect route; save routes and share with friends. No PC connection required!
Want to try something new? There’s a wealth of great routes out there created by adventurers who’ve gone before us. Take advantage of it by following their routes. Import GPX files into Beeline in seconds.

In this day and age it shouldn’t be the norm to pay for and update maps every time you go to a new place. Beeline maps have global coverage from day 1 and always stay up to date, giving you one less thing to worry about.
Once you’ve set up your route, no data connection is required meaning you can ride off the grid. Also great for saving on data costs when travelling abroad.
N.B. Due to local regulation, we can't currently guarantee functionality in mainland China

Super low power screen technology means Beeline Moto’s 350mAh battery lasts for 30 hours of use between charges. To put that into context, a Garmin Zumo lasts for 4 hours, a TomTom Rider lasts for 6.
GPS and data optimisation means your phone can last all day too.

Fully waterproof, shockproof and a rock solid attachment mechanism mean Beeline Moto is ready for whatever you can throw at it. The transflective memory-in-pixel display is visible in the brightest sunlight and a built in backlight automatically turns on at dusk.

Beeline Moto’s twist lock fitting holds it on your bike securely, snapping on and off in a moment. A range of bar and tank mounts attach it to any motorcycle or scooter. When off the bike, the compact size slips into a pocket easily.

We pride ourselves in making beautifully designed products. In fact, we’ve even beaten Apple in product design awards and have been featured in the prestigious Design Museum Designs of the Year exhibition. That design heritage means Beeline Moto looks right at home on the bars of any bike, from cruiser to scooter.

For those with an eye for the finer things in life, treat yourself to a limited edition machined aluminium version of Beeline Moto.

Keep a record of everywhere you’ve been on the app and see stats on how far and how fast you went. Odometer and Speedo modes show live stats on the device with super accurate GPS tracking. Great for joint rides and bragging rights. 

Beeline Moto is a smart device, connected to your phone and to the cloud. This means it can keep getting better through software updates and we’re committed to doing just that. Since we launched our first product for bicycles we’ve released 8 major feature updates based on the feedback we’ve heard from our community.
Beeline Moto will receive the same dedication - continuously evolving and improving.

 project video thumbnail
Hear Philip Marshall, founder of We Ride London, talk about the collaborative approach to developing Beeline Moto

Planned launch features. We'll keep building on these with your feedback
Planned launch features. We'll keep building on these with your feedback

Your Beeline Moto journey starts here! Kickstarter backers will be the very first to receive Beeline Moto fresh from the factory in February and gain access to exclusive updates on development between now and then. Becoming a backer couldn't be easier:
Step 1: choose your basic pledge level
There are several levels to choose from, all of which represent at least 35% off the expected future retail price of $199 (~£149 / €169). A limited number of EarlyBird pledges are available with even bigger savings for fast movers! You'll be invited to choose any options via a BackerKit survey at the end of the campaign. 

Step 2: add any extras (optional)
Want extra mounts, merchandise or to upgrade a Beeline Moto to the machined aluminium limited edition? Simply add the correct amount to your pledge and you'll be invited to choose the extras at the end of the campaign. 

E.g. if you want 1x Kickstarter Special + 1x t-shirt, pledge a total of $149 ($129 + $20)

This all started over three years ago when Beeline founders and good friends, Tom and Mark, decided they’d had enough of getting lost in London on their bikes. What started as an idea for a beautiful compass quickly spiralled into a connected tech product. From then it turned into a runaway Kickstarter campaign and finally, a fully fledged startup company with a small but incredibly talented team who are passionate about helping people have better, safer, journeys. 

Mark Jenner and Tom Putnam, founders of Beeline
Mark Jenner and Tom Putnam, founders of Beeline
We’re not just cyclists, we also ride motorcycles. Mark nips around town on a classic Italian Vespa and Tom loved nothing more than exploring the African Savannah on his KTM when he lived in Kenya. So when the requests started coming in to make Beeline for motorcycles, we decided we had to do it.
We took all the knowledge, experience and technology from our first product and poured it into making the perfect navigation device for motorcyclists. With Beeline Moto, we think we’ve done it!

Building a product for the first time is HARD. We’ve been there and have enormous respect for those who take it on. Getting a product from Kickstarter to delivery for the first time is a road fraught with unexpected hazards and challenges.
However, this isn’t our first time. Having overcome all of those hazards and challenges once already, we come to our second Kickstarter campaign with a wealth of experience (and the battle scars to prove it). In fact we often share that experience with other creators at events run by Kickstarter themselves. We know exactly what it takes to bring a product from here to delivery. We’ve already built the technology. We already have manufacturers, suppliers and logistics providers in place. Everything is lined up for a smooth road to delivery of the product.

Tom with James at the main assembly factory in Shenzhen. Beeline Moto will be made in the same factories we've spent 2 years working with
Tom with James at the main assembly factory in Shenzhen. Beeline Moto will be made in the same factories we've spent 2 years working with

Don't take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from backers of our first product for bicycles 




The Beeline family has grown since last time. We were just two people back then (plus a lot of generous support!) We’ve since welcomed all this lovely, talented lot and they’re as passionate about making amazing products for you as we are. We couldn’t be luckier to get to work with them every day.

From left to right: Marc, Sam W, Joe, Mark, Sam L, Kate, Victor & Tom
From left to right: Marc, Sam W, Joe, Mark, Sam L, Kate, Victor & Tom

Product development is well under way. Physical design is as good as complete and prototypes are built. The technology is based on the foundation of the cycling product so the software just needs some last polish and testing, then it’s ready. As Beeline Moto builds upon our first product, it benefits from everything from manufacturing, quality control and UX design through to sensor fusion algorithms and GPS Kalman filters. All of which have been rigorously tested by thousands of cyclists for over a year.

Designer Sam building mounts in CAD software
Designer Sam building mounts in CAD software

We’re old hands at this now so are very confident in our timelines. Subject to any unforeseen hiccups, below is what will be happening between now and February.

We’re enormously excited about the road ahead but we wouldn’t have got to this point without the incredibly generous support of literally thousands of people. No doubt we’ll miss many but we want to take this opportunity to say thank you to….
  • The 3,038 backers who believed in our first Kickstarter project and have shaped Beeline ever since 
  • Motorcycle aficionados Malle London, the Sex Pistons, Bike Shed and Motorbike Women for their rigorous testing and feedback 
  • The team at Map Project Office who shaped the design of Beeline 
  • The 600+ individuals who believed in us enough to invest in the company 
  • Victor and the gang in Shenzhen Seedcamp, EarlyMarket, True, LCIF and the rest of our investors 
  • Matt Webb for his monthly wisdom 
  • Emma, the Mench and the Whatif?! team for all the early help 
  • The Hardware Club for the CES and IFA trips 
  • The babes and boys on bikes who volunteered to star in our awesome videos 
  • Paul, Chris and Tim at OneFilms - creative geniuses who made the awesome videos 
  • The incredible team who we get to work with every day - Kate, Sam L, Marc, Victor, Sam W, Joe 
  • The team members who’ve moved on but were pivotal in getting us here - Charlie, Chet, Clem, James, Veronica, Hugo, Danny, Dan, Karim and George 
  • and many many others who've helped us along the way from introductions to sharing their expertise over endless cups of coffee and patience

This project is promoted by  Jellop , the ad tech power behind the best Kickstarters with 475+ successful Kickstarter projects with over $225M raised between them.
This project is promoted by Jellop , the ad tech power behind the best Kickstarters with 475+ successful Kickstarter projects with over $225M raised between them.

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