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Elos Skateboard | Compact, stable, fun urban cruiser


The story of Elos continues with a lighter, smoother, and more accessible cruiser.

The story of Elos did not start with a business plan. It started with just a pair of hands crafting a new kind of skateboard. A board designed so friends and family would have an easier time learning and riding together.
The design has grown with our founder, Tom Wang, and the initial concept from 2003 has evolved to become a skateboard that fits easily into an out-and-about urban lifestyle.
On Oct. 18, 2016, the well-refined concept named Elos, which stands for "Effortless Lifestyle of Skateboarding,” became a reality with the support of over 600 Kickstarter visionaries around the world.
Today, we are announcing the new Elos 2018 model. We kept all the features people told us they loved, then we made it lighter and cruise smoother so the next generation of Elos enthusiasts can continue the story of learning and riding together.
Are you in?

Running around town or getting to the office has never been so easy or efficient.
Running around town or getting to the office has never been so easy or efficient.

Perfect for college campuses.  Turn heads as you zip around in style, then dock your board next to you for easy storage.
Perfect for college campuses. Turn heads as you zip around in style, then dock your board next to you for easy storage.

Discover a fun new way to spend time with your friends and bond with your family.
Discover a fun new way to spend time with your friends and bond with your family.


At only 4 lbs, you can easily carry Elos with your backpack, or messenger bag, for hands-free travel.

Easy to learn

The iconic extra-wide deck design makes Elos stable and user-friendly even for absolute beginners.


Elos is a lightweight cruiser with big soft wheels built for the smoothest ride in the city!

Everyday usability  

Dress the way you need, still able to ride everywhere while looking sharp. Our special surface coating will not scratch up your suit. Once you are there, easily put your Elos next to you with our patented Table-Dock system.

Ride safe at night

Built-in reflectors on the trucks make the rider visible to pedestrians and cars for night ride safety.


The race car-inspired design makes Elos handle sharp turns smoothly. Experienced users can turn on a dime.

Customer support  

Every Elos comes engraved with a unique QR code to verify ownership and warranty status. 

"Love this board! Been using it daily and the portable design has cut my commute down to about 15 mineach way. Gotta love it." - Brett Bolte (Kickstarter Backer)  
“Been a skater my whole life and the feeling on this board is such a good one. Its very easy to rideEven my girlfriend that can’t stand on a normal board can cruise with it to the bagel shop!” - Marco (Instagrammer)
"Love this li’l guy...perfect answer to a need I see daily in LA!" - Tom Herring (Kickstarter Backer)
"The concept of a board that you can slip into your backpack was a great one!" - Laura (SugarCRM Manager)

 What's included

Reward chart

Stretch Goal

Elos T-shirt Concept



Elos #RideWell program

Our first Kickstarter campaign (2016) was special because you helped thousands of people’s dream come true. Many got to ride a skateboard for the first time with their friends, and family. Some seniors even crossed out their bucket list with Elos by learning how to ride easily. Elos seems to be able to capture good times, regardless of age and location.
We have been learning stories about how Elos had a positive influence on someone’s life. We received messages about how it helped someone regain confidence, helped isolated person to be more sociable, all the way to stories that an Elos friend were able to recover from a broken relationship and found his soulmate while riding Elos in just 6 months. Last year, we had the opportunity to send two Elos to a children’s shelter in a small island in the Philippines. In return we were flooded with photos of kids beaming as they rode around on our board. The children had such a strong positive response to this simple gift that we were blown away. We learned that we can do a lot for communities in need by sharing our passion with them and this case should not be a one time deal.
With these cases in mind, we started the #RideWell program. We believe that riding Elos can be a positive outlet to allow a person to express themselves creatively while developing balanceflexibility, and coordination. Skateboarding encourages outdoor explorationimproving mental agility and building self-esteem. We aim to give back to the larger community by donating our skateboards to those in need, especially children, who can benefit from the positive outlet and freedom Elos can surely provide.
If you run a non-profit and think Elos could help, feel free to get in touch with us at hi@elosskateboards.com

 Our team was formed around a love for creating something new. We put our heart and soul into every detail to make our product something we are proud to share with you.
We ARE NOT a team of material scientists, programmers, designers, etc. who decided to make a new kind of skateboard. We ARE a bunch of passionate hands on makers who happen to have material scientists, programmers, designers, etc. backgrounds. We rode with and listened to 1st-generation Elos riders and used our professional expertise to make sure everything was just right. 10 years ago, Elos started with one pair of hands, but today our team has evolved to fit the needs of a grown community. We still make them all carefully by hand, but now there are more hands in the mix.
Throughout the past 2 years, our vision, belief, and promise to you have driven us to conduct countless iterations that result in the best portable skateboard we can offer. Every Elos rider is part of our family and without your support, we wouldn’t exist. Thank you!

When Elos launched our first Kickstarter back in October 2016, we were one of the few campaigns that delivered on-time, and won a lot of positive feedback with a high quality product. Feel free to check out our updates and comments from the first Elos Kickstarter here.  

After 1.5 years, we have grown a lot. We aim to create an even better experience with our Elos 2018 Kickstarter campaign.   
The night light shipment
The expected delivery for the night light module will be December 2018. To let our supporters enjoy the ride sooner, (for the rewards that include the night light and the board), we will ship the board first around September. Also, due to the regulation on battery shipment, we won't be able to include batteries inside packages to be shipped to all countries, except the United States and Taiwan.

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