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PLUME | An intelligent rocket launches in your house


PLUME is a smart, multifunctional rocket launch vehicle and speaker system, designed to mimic a rocket launch in both appearance and entertainment.

Of all the sights ever witnessed by mankind, a rocket launch in operation is perhaps the most thrilling. Imaging the loud roaring sound coming from the engines, the massive bright light stuns in the air, the brilliant vapor clouds just beneath your feet… and even the voice commencing countdown of Space Shuttle.

With its alloy CNC and 3D printing modeling, precise sound performance stimulation, and vivid build-in spotlights, PLUME features a powerful rocket launch show within your control.

We managed to offer 3 rockets which are reminiscent of the space exploration history. The Saturn V, Space Shuttle, and Falcon 9 launched on the famous LC39A site in 1967-1973, 1981-2011 and 2010-present.

The exquisitely accurate 1/300, 1/200, 1/150 scale reproductions are based on many specialized documents and data. During the design development, our team was able to cooperate with many rocket scientist that helped to make sure the overall appearance, as well as the launch escape system of Saturn V, Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) of the space shuttle and landing legs of Falcon9, are as accurate and detailed as possible. 

With the Fast Assemble Stable Technology (F.A.S.T.),  PLUME allows you to easily switch to a new rocket in a snap. 

With the attached PLUME base, F.A.S.T. can make the rocket model display individually.

You can also change each core engine to achieve better details.

People dream to watch a rocket launch. Did we mention that PLUME’s all system voice records are from a re-mastering of the actual Apollo missions, even Jack King, the “voice of Apollo”? 
Check this out 

Kinda cool, right?   
Of course, we won’t reveal all system sound effects here cause everybody hates spoiler.

We want even kids can learn spaceflight technologies easily and fast.

By adopting the Augmented Reality (AR) technology, you’ll be able to assemble the 3 rockets like an expert through the interactive “Space Go” app. Understand each detail of the rocket structure by simply pointing your smartphone camera at PLUME.

Choose even your own rocket, Fill up the propellant tank, set up the orbit, and you’re all set to go… oh, don’t forget to check the engines of course.

“Space nuts” wouldn’t ever want to miss a single rocket launch event just like football fans wouldn’t want to miss a match. The “Space Go” app automatically syncs up and updates the upcoming launch events and reminds you on time. All you need to do is to choose your favorite ones and simply tap the alarm button. Voila! 

PLUME is much more than just a rocket launch vehicle. It’s a smart lighting system that allows you to enjoy endless possibilities of lighting color and brightness by selecting from 16 million colors.

 PLUME adapts to anywhere in your house in perfect lighting conditions.

Four auxiliary spotlights surround the base with a unique optical-path design that not only lights up the rocket but also showcases the flame of the rocket in the best way.

Get so bored with your alarms and frustrated to get up early again this morning? PLUME has the coolest wake-up call for you! How about some lightning from Jupiter?  
Check out my alarm this week:

Weekend - Well, I’d choose to sleep till noon!

Still feel so asleep? No worries! Because PLUME can offer a sophisticate lighting-up effect (stimulate light of the Sun) 8 minutes before your wake-up time. 

PLUME can also be your premium Bluetooth speaker comes with all-channel sound effects that give unobstructed range up to 30 square feet.

The “Dances to the music” feature is really cool that it automatically adapts to the beat of your playlist and adjust the color, brightness and light rhythm. So, whether you want to jazz up a party with friends or play video games in an ultra-rich sound, PLUME is always there to support. 

Record a voice message, select a light color, set the time, and it’s all done in the “Space Go” app. PLUME brings love and joy to your family life. 

Yes, all features of PLUME can be simply executed by just tapping anywhere on the bottom of the dock. Thanks to our engineers who worked tirelessly to optimize the software and hardware.

 Double tap – on and off  
Single tap – switch light mode  
Tap and hold – adjust brightness 

Space souvenirs should be fascinating objects that illuminate a child’s mind. And for some time after the 1960s, this was how things were. But today, when we step into a space souvenir shop options seem to be nothing more than toy models, badges, stationery, T-shirts and so on. Nothing seems to give children that awe and wonder anymore. Souvenirs are meant to be a meaningful and inspiring gadget that propel us into the future instead of being stereotypical images anchored to a bygone era. As an avid spaceflight enthusiast, Romax decided to do something innovative.

In September 2015, Romax made a model of Saturn V for his girlfriend as a gift, which was then displayed in her house. Ever since then, people have been very intrigued about that model rocket.

Romax then completed a Falcon 9 rocket lamp on a large scale to celebrate the first successful return landing of SpaceX, which eventually became the prototype of PLUME afterwards.

He then added the AR function to the rocket lamp which received lots of attention from kids who’re curious about space. He then realized that it must be the perfect way to make space more appealing. Which would lead the way for spaceflight to one day become an integral part of daily life.

That’s how the PLUME team got started.

We’ve done an incredible amount of work to re-create the tiniest detail from the original design.

Adopted the design of CNC and resin for refined details and to provide a subtle texture of enhanced grip.
We were so meticulous that it took 10 samples for us to finally come to an agreement on some key but minute differences.

To meet the requirements of mass production while preserving the soul of our design, we decided to use an enclosed flame design made of fiber material instead of the open external design used in our prototype. This grants the safety and stability of the lamp fiber and prevents kids from swallowing the fiber.

Various versions of software, hardware, processing, and structure have been done for providing the best user experience. During the whole process, we’ve applied 4 patents!

 To celebrate the 49th anniversary of the Apollo 11 program, we want to do such a meaningful event. Join us! Back us on kickstarter, log in to our website through the kickstarter nickname after the crowdfunding, leave your name and message , we will also add the names and message to a silicon microchip headed to the space aboard Spacety's Gravitational-waves-observatory satellite, scheduled to launch at the end of October 2018.





Gravitation Innovation Inc. is a creative brand company focusing on spaceflight, robotics, and consumer electronics. At Gravitation Innovation, we strive to get more people involved in spaceflight area by offering neat spaceflight-related products.
Product Design, Development, and Manufacturing
David (CEO&Product Manager) has a unique vision of product design. Pai (Designer)and John (Construction Engineer) complete detailed design. All of them are experienced designer and engineers. They are responsible for the design, development, and production of PLUME.
Community and Marketing
Melody (Marketing) handles PLUME’s community management. Yumes (Web) builds and maintains our website. Amelie (Marketing) handles the market’s research and outreach.
Software and Electronics
Lcey (Unity 3D Developer) works together with Yumes to develop our “SPACE GO”App. King (Electronic Engineer)  is responsible for electronics design, testing, and manufacturing.


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